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Classic Range

No items were found matching your selection.

Lovers Range


Mozzarella, Authentic Beef Pepperoni, Sliced Mushroom, Fresh Onion

Supreme Range


Mozzarella, Authentic Beef Pepperoni, Sliced Mushroom, Onion, Fresh Tomato

Add- Ons

Personal – Rs 39

Medium – Rs 49

Large – Rs 59

Toppings Vegetarian

Choice of : Mozzarella, Fresh Pepper, Sweet Pineapple, Mushroom, Fresh Onion, Sweet Corn, Fresh Tomato, Jalapenos

Toppings Meat

Choice of : Chicken, Chicken Pepperoni, Authentic Beef Pepperoni

Our menu consists of pizzas of all sizes and flavours. From Margherita pizza to Double Chicken Hawaiian pizza, you’ll have many options worth trying in our pizza outlets. We offer excellent pizzas with the best bases and crusts making us a unique restaurant.  Classic range, lovers range or our Supreme range coupled with carefully selected toppings, we have the perfect combination to satisfy your hungry stomach.

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